Self-defence Tool

“Tshombe knife” combined self-defense tool

The “Tshombe knife” is a combined self-defense tool with dimensions of 15 cm x 6 cm x 1 cm (5.9 in x 2.36 in x 0.39 in). It is crafted from black, high-strength Delrin plastic, which is used in place of metal due to its unique combination of properties. The blade of the “Tshombe knife” is polished, class 17 029 surgical steel, with a hardness of 58 HRC.

The tool is made up of a handle with finger grooves and a finger hole (ring). The upper portion of the tool terminates in a rounded point for applying pressure to sensitive areas, and the lower portion includes a double-edged, steel knife point. The blade has a sharpened base suitable for any additional customized sharpening. Grasping the tool will result in significant reinforcement of your hand and fist. The tool leaves four fingers free for other functions, such as gripping. The minimal percentage of metal contained in the tool allows for easy concealment or to avoid detection in metal detectors. The circular openings in the tool can be threaded with a cord for carrying, and allow for a secure grasp of the tool with the sheath (holder) grips.

The tool can be used for applying pressure, stabbing, punching, arcing cutting gestures, and applying pressure with the notched ring. A large portion of the tool is concealed in the palm, making it difficult for the attacker to detect or identify, however, exposing the tool to your attacker can function as a deterrent against attack.

The tool has been designed to restrict attacker attacks. Its purpose is simply to cause pain, minimize injury to the attacker, and deter, which will buy you time to escape the scene of the incident.

  • The ring serves as a finger hole to secure your grip on the tool, but restricts the use of the tool in full, direct force, since this could result in the tool coming into contact with the unprotected joints of the other fingers, which could be uncomfortable for the user.
  • The upper, plastic point of the tool is dull, used to apply pressure to sensitive areas.
  • The lower point—blade—is significantly shortened for use against brute force, with a length of 1.5 cm (0.59 in), which should only result in shallow wounds, serving to deter the assailant.
  • The notches on the ring may also be used to apply pressure to sensitive areas.

The tool comes with a unique, attractive sheath/holder, custom-designed for this tool. It is made from two sheets of plastic equipped with an opening to secure the blade of the tool, as well as flexible grippers that snap into the circular opening in the body of the tool. The numerous preformed openings allow for gripping and 360° positioning, and a number of models feature clips to secure the tool to your belt or gear.

The sheath comes with a combination of TekLok universal clips, as well as additional accessories available in the e –shop.